SPFS – a filesystem for Spectrum Protect

A Filesystem for Spectrum Protect. The product is intended to be used as a backup filesystem with WORM, versioning, encryption, data redundancy, data reduction techniques, data filtering, data retention functionalities.

The issues:

All of these databases (and more) has one thing in common

But wait?….

We can present an “agentless solution”: (“SPFS”). This can protect ANY kind of databases or applications, and this WITHOUT any need of education.

How sounds that?

DBA’s can use the methodology and Technologies that they already have the skills to use. And still knowing that Everything is protected in a securely manner.

Simple to use

Browsing backups:

Backing up:


Integrates directly with Spectrum Protect Server, so that you can mount your filespace anywhere on your server.

All operations that goes via this mount Point are translated directly to Spectrum Protect Client API calls, so no need for a local staging disk.

No extra education needed



Data is secured too, as SPFS act as a WORM media (Write Once Read Many).
As soon as the data is written, it can’t be changed or removed.
Data retention is managed by the Spectrum Protect backup server.
And if you want to improve the security, one can enable encryption with private keys.


There are two different types of objects in Spectrum Protect

SPFS supports both types, and the data type is selected in the option file.

Last version of a file will have no expiration date, and will exist forever,
or until a newer version exist, or someone wants to remove the file.

You have the options to decide what should happen if someone wants to remove content.
If deletion is approven (BACKDEL=YES), than the file will be removed immediately when someone executes the “rm” command.
If deletion is rejected (BACKDEL=NO), than the file will be marked as “inactive” (eliable to expire).

All files has an expiration date.
Files will only exist until the expiration date has expired.

You have the options to decide what should happen if someone wants to remove content.
If deletion is approven (ARCHDEL=YES), than the file will be removed immediately when someone executes the “rm” command.
If deletion is rejected (ARCHDEL=NO), than the the “rm” command will returned with an error of “permission denied”


Versioning is when a client has multiple version of a file.
Can be practical if a client wants to keep multiple versions of a file,
and will still be able to open older versions for reading, comparing or restoring it’s content.

If a client save a file using the same name as an existing filename; for example “important.txt”,
than the older version of the file will be visualized by parantheses and a relative version number to the last version of the file version.

important.txt : is the last version of the file “important.txt”
important.txt(-1): is the version that are 1 version older than last version
important.txt(-2): is the version that are 2 version older than last version


Data can be encrypted
Encryption is possible in many different levels in the product.


All Communication between the client and the backup server uses encrypted Communication protocol


It is possible to enable encryption Before the content are physically written to the media (tape, disk or whatever media is used in the back end storage attached to the backup server)


It is possible to enable encryption for all or selective contents on the SPFS file system Before it is being sent to the backup server using own private key.


Data can be copied and spread over multiple storage destinations.
The content stored on the backup server can be configured to use extra copies elsewhere.
For example extra copies of storage pools, replication etc..


Data retention is controlled on the backup server using normal backup administration rules.
It is possible to associate all data or selective data to different retention policies.

For example:
The client wants to have 365 days retention in the “important” catalog,
than the backup administrator can associate a management class that has the retention policy configured.


You can mix any media that Spectrum Protect supports using the same SPFS file system:


You can mix protocol

Have you ever want to have a smooth easy to use interface for your backups?

Are your database administrators eager to use the backup methods that they prefer?

Does your backup administrator forcing the databases administrator to use another backup tool than you are used to use?

With SPFS life is more simpler.

One can mount the nodes Spectrum Protect filespace anywhere on your server, and make use of the Spectrum Protect features.

Supported operating systems are:

SPFS – v4Download