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    Backup has never been more easy?

    Allways incremental backup

    Instant restore
    Continuous data protection
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    We build “Energy efficient climate smart Green IT data protection solutions”


    We're not just a service.

    We're your partners in security and data protections. Always be shipping.



    Reducing energy consumptions, cost, data loss, and restore time

    The company exists to create profitable, secure, climate smart, simple and robust solutions that can be used by everyone.

    By building a partnership program, distributor network, and reseller channels, we can focus on distributing and managing attractive solutions that benefit all parties.

    Marketing of new solutions can take place through previews via the business network.


    We believe information knowledge, security and protection can be served in better manner protecting peoples and companies’ integrities, with reduced climate and energy consumptions, serving a safe and peaceful world.


    Our business concept is based on creating climate smart energy efficient Green IT simple and robust cheap solutions that can be used by everyone, private individuals such as small, medium and large companies.


    The company's values ​​are based on simple foundations.
    1. Have fun at work.
    2. Flexibility and balanced existence
    3. Economic solutions that create a greener and more environmentally friendly IT environment


    We operate mainly through are distributors and partners
    We are supported and work with IBM, organizations, distributors and individuals.
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