using IBM Spectrum Protect

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Continuous Data Protecto for Oracle database

using IBM Spectrum Protect

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Integrated backup of archived transaction logs

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Download and install SPFS

# rpm -i spictera*.rpm


# dpkg -i spfs*.deb

# dpkg -i spictera*.deb

Configure SPFS

# vi /etc/spfs/spfs.opt

 MOUNTPOINT /archivelogs

 OPTIONFILE /etc/spfs/dsm.opt

 DATATYPE archive


# vi /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/api/bin64/dsm.sys


 ERRORLOGNAME /var/log/dsmerror_spfs.log

Configure Spectrum Protect


Select Stanza

# echo spfs > /etc/spfs/dsm.opt


Register the node

# dsmadmc -id=admin -password=admin “REGISTER NODE spfs secretpwd”

Save initial password

# setpassword /etc/spfs/TSM.PWD <<< secretpwd

# echo spfs > /etc/spfs/dsm.opt

# mount -t spfs /archivelogs

Mount the SPFS file system

# vi ${ORACLE_HOME}/dbs/init_${ORACLE_SID}.ora


Restart the Oracle instance

Restoring archive log files are no longer required, as Oracle will request restoration of archive logs automatically during the recovery process. This is true as Oracle knows about the different locations of the archive log destinations, where one of the destinations are the mount point of the SPFS file system.


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This can also help to take online snapshots of Oracle databases, as you do not need to take care of the archive log backups directly during a snapshot process. This happens automatically.


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You can also have add multiple Spectrum Protect target servers, in different locations. Just follow the example above. Or having the flexibility to mix media types, such as Harddisk drives, CD WORM, Cloud, NAS and Tape as a backup media.


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