Protecting KVM guests with IBM Spectrum Protect

using Proxmox

· spectrum protect,spictera

Protecting KVM guests with IBM Spectrum Protect

using Proxmox and spictera SPFS

This article here shows an example of how to use the Proxmox interface to protect the KVM guests using IBM Spectrum Protect.

Step 1) install the IBM Spectrum Protect Client software

# rpm -i gsk*.rpm

# rpm -i TIVsm-API64*.rpm


# dpkg -i gsk*.deb

# dpkg -i tivsm-api64*.deb

Step 2) Configure the Spectrum Protect Client

# vi /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/api/bin64/dsm.sys



ERRORLOGNAME /var/log/dsmerror_spfs.log

Step 3) Install the spictera software

# rpm -i spfs-*.rpm

# dpkg -i spictera*.deb

# dpkg -i spfs-*.rpm

Step 4) configure SPFS

# echo SERVERNAME spfs > /etc/spfs/dsm.opt

# vi /etc/spfs/spfs.opt




OPTIONFILE /etc/spfs/dsm.opt


# mkdir /backup

# rpm -i spictera*.rpm

# dsmadmc -id=admin -password=youradminpwd


SP> DEFINE MGMTCLASS spfs standard 30days dest=backuppool

SP> DEFINE COPYGROUP spfs standard 30days dest=backuppool verexist=nolimit verdel=nolimit retexist=30 retonly=30

SP> ASSIGN DEFMGMT spfs standard 30days

SP> ACTIVATE POLICYSET spfs standard standard

SP> REGISTER NODE spfs secretpwd domain=spfs

Step 6) set initial password for SPFS

# setpassword /etc/spfs/TSM.PWD <<< secretpwd

Step 7) mount spfs

# mount.spfs /backup

Step 8) configure Proxmox

# vi /etc/pve/storage.cfg

dir: backup

     path: /backup

     content: backup

     maxfiles: 7

You are now ready to perform backup and restores. This can be done directly from the proxmox graphical interface, or from commandline.

backing up a guest operatingsystem from the GUI.

Select the server you want to backup, select the backup tab

Change compression as it is more efficient to handle that from SPFS. Click on "backup" button to start your backup

When backup finishes, you will see the backup files under the backup tab for the server

Setting up scheduled backups can be done diffently. You have to decide whether you want to have it scheduled and monitored from the IBM Spectrum Protect backup server, or if you want to schedule the backups from the Proxmox server.

If you decide to have it backed up from the Proxmox server, than one can do this by configuring the appropriate schema as below example shows.


Restoring an operatingsystem from a backup.

Select the backup tab, and select the backup file. Or go to the server, select and select the backup file from there. Start the restore

Backup a host from commandline

# vzdump 101




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