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SPFS version 2.3 for Windows

What is SFPS?

SPFS is a file system that makes it possible to mount the IBM Spectrum Protect storage for a node as a drive letter, and in this way utilize this drive letter as a backup and/or archive media.

All files and directories are stored directly on the IBM Spectrum Protect server according to the configured policies.

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The data stored on the assigned drive letter is kept outside the Windows server using WORM techniques (Write Once Read Many).

As soon as the data is written to the SPFS drive, it can not be changed or removed unless allowed by configuration settings.

Files expires according to policies set on the IBM Spectrum Protect server.

It is also possible to use vaulting, to offload data to external cabinette, which makes it even more safer.

Security by design

It is possible to encrypt all data stored on SPFS using own private encryption key.

SPFS has built in failover techniques which makes your data available if configured. SPFS automatically detects the failover IBM Spectrum Protect replication server, and uses that replication target server as readonly if the target is unavailable. When the target IBM Spectrum Protect server becomes available again, SPFS will fallback to use this instead.


Installation is easy, just double click on the spfs.exe InnoSetup installation file and walk through the guided tour.

The installation package is not yet signed, so a popup windoiw will appear which one has to accept by selecting the [yes] button.

 The installation starts with the first dialog.

Chosing "Skip configuraiton" will let you configure SPFS manually, while "Configure SPFS" will create the necessary configuration files during installation.

In this presentation we will setup SPFS manually, so that you understand the necessary steps. Select the [Next] button to continue.

 A window explains the necessary steps to perform after installation has completed. Select [Next] button to continue the installation.

Just a reminder of that an installation is to be performed, select the [Install] button to begin installation.

Installation has completed, untick the [x] View Readme.txt, and select the [Finish] button.

Setup the Spectrum Protect storage

Setting up Spectrum Protect policies

On the IBM Spectrum Protect server, perform the below steps as an example to configure SPFS to have 30 days retention.




SP> DEFINE COPYGROUP spfs standard 30days DEST=backuppool RETO=30 RETE=30 VERD=NOL VERE=NOL

SP> ASSIGN DEFMGMT spfs standard 30days

Register the SPFS node name

SP> REGISTER NODE spfs secretpwd DOMAIN=spfs

Setup the SPFS on the Windows server

Create Spectrum Protect config

notepad "C:\Program Files\SPFS\etc\dsm.opt"

TCPSERVERADDRESS your.spectrum.backup.server.com

ERRORLOGNAME "C:\Program Files\SPFS\var\dsmerror.log"

 Save initial Spectrum Protect node password

C:\Program Files\SPFS\etc\> "C:\Program Files\SPFS\bin\setpassword.exe" TSM.PWD


Create the SPFS config

The below example will create a config for X: (\\localhost\x)

notepad "C:\Program Files\SPFS\etc\spfs.opt"

MOUNTPOINT \\localhost\X



OPTIONFILE "C:\Program Files\SPFS\etc\dsm.opt"

Create the service

This will create the "SPFS X" service name, to mount the X: drive letter

C:\Program Files\SPFS\bin\> svc install X

Mount the SPFS drive

Start the service "SPFS X" either from services.mc, or from command line

C:\> sc start "SPFS X"

You can now start using the X: drive

Dismounting SPFS

Stop the service "SPFS X" either from services.mc, or from command line

C:\> sc stop "SPFS X"

Removing SPFS service

To remove the SPFS X service, just stop the service first, than run

C:\> sc delete "SPFS X"

Enjoy your use of SPFS




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