SPFS version 2.5 released

SPFS - a filesystem for IBM Spectrum Protect

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SPFS version 2.5 released

With SPFS you can mix and mount almost any type of storage as a filesystem or drive letter on your server, and in this way utilize the storage in the way you want to.

With the latest version of Spictera SPFS one can utilize a performance boost using advanced autobalanced binary tree for directory cache and directory content metadata caches avoiding unecessary queries to the IBM Spectrum Protect backup/archive server.

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Spictera SPFS has built in techniques that are flexible for your needs

- Centralized policy management of content from a single pane of view on the IBM Spectrum Protect server

- Data reduction using de-duplication and/or compression

- Data encryption using own private keys

- Data replications (with de-duplication and/or compression)

- Tiering of storage

- Automatic failover and fallback between IBM Spectrum Protect storage devices

- Versioning of files (control how many versions of a file should exist)

- Retention of files (how long time to store a file)

- How many copies of a file (different site locations? or different media?)

And many many more features...

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