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What is spictera Data Protection solutions?

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Data Protection Challenges and Trends


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 Spictera Unified Data Protection —Multi scenario Data Protection

Spictera unified Data Protection implements climate smart energy efficient data protections of information that are application consistent, and secure throughout the lifecycle. Designed for the digital world, policy based management of information, near zero data loss and instant recoveries, with media managements that crosses different storage types.

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Backup: Climate Smart energy efficient Data Protection & near zero data loss

Spictera backup solution provides a centralized policy based all-in one backup and recovery solution to support applications such as databases, file systems and Virtual Machines (VMs). These solutions are designed to resolve inefficient ways of data backup, high total cost of ownership (TCO), and the ability to restore data as quick as possible, with as little data loss as possible.


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Archiving: Instant Access and Linear Expansion


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