SPFS - a file system for IBM Spectrum Protect

Finally an universal agentless backup / archive solution for IBM Spectrum Protect

This makes it possible to protect almost any type of data using the tools of your preference.
Easy to use as almost anyone knows how to use a file system, right?

Central management of data retentions
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SPFS - is a file system for Spectrum Protect
With SPFS it is possible to mount your Spectrum Protect filespace anywhere on your server, and backup anything with Spectrum Protect
All operations that goes via this mount point are translated directly to Spectrum Protect Client API calls , so nothing is cached locally


easy to use, everyone knows how to use a file system, right?

# mount -t spfs /backup

Or, right click mount drive on Windows

All data saved on this file system are protected using WORM technique (Write Once Read Many), and fully managed from a single panel in the IBM Spectrum Protect Server interface.

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